6 types of men girls really hate to date

While some men are natural charmers when it comes to impressing women , a lot of them are born women-repellents. There is something or the other about their personalities that horrify women. If you’ve ever wondered why you just cannot get a single girl to talk to you, you’re probably one of those. We’re not asking you to change to please women, just letting you know of some typical behavioral traits that put women off. Keep the following personality traits in check if you don’t want women to consistently avoid you.

The Male Supremacist

Being a male chauvinist is just not cool. No woman wants to be associated with the misogynist who cannot leave even one opportunity to degrade women. Constantly reminding her that she belongs to the inferior sex doesn’t make you desirable. It only makes you come across as a sexist douche. Do not be the male supremacist, unless you want women to run away from you like success does from Uday Chopra.

The Spineless Man

Stand up and learn to speak for yourself. No woman wants a chicken, not unless it is roasted. You might be trying to impress her by agreeing to whatever she says, but reducing yourself to a mere ‘yes man’ is not going to help. She’d enjoy the cooperation for a while after which she would start seeing you as a spineless man. Grow a pair and stand up when required.

The Baby

Yeah, tell you what – that gym made, buffed up body is not going to help if it conceals a brain of a teenager. Women do not like depending on their men. What they dislike even more is their men being naïve and immature. If you cannot get yourself a decent job, if you have absolutely no ambition in life and all you want to do is keep lazing around in that couch watching your favourite sports channel, dating is really not for you. Grow up and maybe then you’ll get a chance with girls.

The Preacher

Not just women, even men hate that guy who wouldn’t stop telling people that they should be drinking or eating chicken. She would’ve switched on a spiritual channel at six in the morning if she wanted to know the many meanings of life. But all she wants is to drink a little, dance some more and enjoy – let her do that. We’d advice you to not judge, but we cannot – because you’re being judged already.

The Debater

We understand you were good at debates in inter-school competitions. But guess what – senior school has ended and so should this habit of yours. Just because you two are sitting across the table doesn’t mean you’re two teams trying to outdo each other by arguing endlessly. No, neither does she wanted to corrected again and again for trivial details like whether the day you first met was a Thursday or a Friday.

The Sympathy Seeker

Were you a Meena Kumari fan? Why would you then keep acting needy and Mr. Pity Party all the freaking time? Confidence and authority in a man is sexy. Diffidence and lack of self-confidence is so not. Telling her about how bad your life has been ever since you were a stupid womb is actually going to make hers bad. No, really. It’s okay if she is going to the kitchen to fetch a plate. Nobody is going to come and strangle you by then. Maybe someone should, though. 

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