OMG! Watch Out Crazy Things Girls Do in a Changing Room

If we say that now you do not have to stretch your imagination thinking what girls might be doing in a changing room, won't you be in for a big surprise? Yes it is right, hold your breath guys.

We bring to you a video that shows what girls are capable of doing in a dressing room, when they go for a dress trial. Isn't it exciting?

Lets see what the video has in it for you. First of all a girl enters a dressing room with not one but three dresses at a time to take a trial. Normally a guy would take just one at a time. Anyways, she tries one but doesn't feel satisfied. She blames her weight for the same saying my booty is not meant for you! Ha ha ha.

Then she tries the second one that is a jeans and a top. The jeans simply refuses to fit her and she tries lying down to close the trousers zip. But in vain. Now her tummy comes in between the trouser. Therefore she decides to try out the final dress.

The last dress fits her to perfection; but she does not like it. The girl removes it and wears her original attire and then exits the room. So finally the end result is that she does not like any of the clothes she has tried out after spending so much time.

For the viewers though, there is no grudge as we were thoroughly entertained.

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