WTF! Is This a Case of Casting Couch in Bollywood


Here we are speaking about a probable case of casting couch or a one night stand.

He is a famous young actor who has delivered hits after hits and not even a single flop. How is this for a track record? Definitely awesome. A star in the making who can do no wrong. So much so that he has turned out to be the most sought after star in the industry. After reading this much, everything seems to be normal and calm. The real storm lies within.

The actor is known to be in a relationship with his long time girlfriend. She is not from the glamor world. Now comes the twist in the tale. The actor is known to have had some fun in that sense with another woman.

Sometime ago, he got involved with a leggy lass who was looking for a debut in films then, and eventually she appeared with a superstar. After they hooked up, the actor was all over the place boasting about the act and even spoke about how good the experience was.

He did not forget to mention that he is still committed to his girlfriend, and that both of them were thinking of tying the knot. The tiff that happened was a casual one.

So one is doubtful as to whether it was a case of a casting couch or a one night stand kind of a thing. Whatever it may be one thing is for sure that the actor in question seemed to be of a colorful nature. This is no new to Bollywood where there is glitz and glamor everywhere.

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