10 Best Proposals Which Will Surprise Your Girl

1. Be yourself

The best way is to be who you are and propose to her in your own unique way.

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2. Candle light dinner

This is one of the classic proposals but also the most romantic and effective one. She will say yes if she sees you are a die hard romantic guy.

3. Place where you first met
This place will hold a lot more meaning if you propose to her.

4. On a special day
Make her special day even more special by popping up the question like on Valentine's day or Christmas. It is corny we agree but romantic as well.
at the same place you met her.

5. Proposal during a movie break
It is one of the most romantic and easiest way to propose to your lady love. It is a tried and tested method and works often.

6. T-shirt proposal
Wear a T-shirt with the message for your proposal and wear a jacket over it. In the middle of your conversation with her propose to her by simply removing your jacket.

7. Picnic in the Park
This is a simple but a romantic way to propose to a girl. Take her out for a picnic and place the ring in cake or dessert.

8. Radio proposal
Girls love guys who are brave enough to propose to her in front of the whole world, not literally, but you get the point. So if you know that she listens to the radio at a certain time, surprise her.
9. Surprising her by hiding in a box
Hiding in a box wrapped with gift paper needs a little co-ordination. She will be truly surprised to see you with a ring in your hand waiting for her to unwrap the box.
10. Banner Proposal
If you are hesitant and cannot express your feeling for the fear of rejection, banner proposal is for you. You can get a banner prepared with the words 'I Love You' and have it displayed outside her house or at her workplace. Also, do not reveal her real name on the banner but the name you use to call her is advised to be written.

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