8 Hottest Bigg Boss Moments That Set The Small Screen On Fire!

Whatever happens in Bigg Boss house becomes a controversy for the inmates of the house. The reason is that the cameras in the house has its continuous scrutiny on the inmates. The concept of the show is that random people are locked up in the house without any contacts with the outside world while we watch them.

This led to a lot of entertainment in the nature of Indians who are more interested in other's lives than their own personal concerns. But, this show is not about the boring life of these people, it has a hotness quotient attached to it. The lives of celebrities excites almost everyone in India and we are always up for some hot news floating around about these celebrities.

Over the time, all the seasons of the show have some moments where controversies are the highlight of the season. There are also moments which people also remember because of some celebrities who set the temperature soaring. We have got some of the hottest moments of Bigg Boss house which rules the internet even today. The moments went viral almost immediately as Bigg Boss' inside story.

Check them out.

1. For once, Sunny Leone's normal attire was enough.

sunny leone

2. Then she had to raise the temperature by doing the pole dance.

sunny leone hot

3. Then the hot and wet swimming pool times.

sunny leone hot

4. Pamela Anderson carried off an Indian attire making her look even more hot.

pamele anderson

6. Payal Rohatgi and Rahul Mahajan had their own way in the swimming pool.

7. Veena Malik was as hot as always.

8. Last but not the least, the compilation of Tanisha and Armaan's hot and steamy kisses.

tanisha armaan

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