Top 7 Innovative Ways to Cheat in an Exam

Each of us has been involved in cheating during an exam at least once. Many people use many different and innovative ways so as to not get caught while copying. Right from carrying chits to writing on the skin; we must have seen them all. But here are some crazy ways to cheat during an exam. Kindly apply them at your own risk.

1. Sticking on Body Parts

Especially girls can try this out. Pasting the copy material on body parts like thighs as no one can dare touch there. For guys this trick would be a little ineffective one.

cheat during exam

2. Slipping it in the Cleavage:

Obviously, this is meant for the female gender. Now who can dare check it there? The safest place to hide a chit or two.

cheat in exam

3.  Noting Down on the Pen:

The first thing is to be able to write on a pen's body. The next challenge is to be able to read it from there. Tedious job but effective.


4. Writing on the Slipper:

Drinking bottles and sippers are allowed in the exam hall. So you can try on them.


5. Behind a Bandage:

No one would be suspicious if you write anything behind a fake bandage there on your body.


6. Hiding Chits in Watch:

Arguably the best place to hide a copy, if it is done in the way shown.


7. Inside Pen:

You can use the space inside the pen to keep the material. Wind it up on the refill.


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