11 Reasons To Prove Men Are Better at Friendship Than Women


There are many Bollywood movies like Dostana, Pyaar Ka Punchnama, Dil Chahta Hai, etc. that celebrate the theme of friendship between men. Everyone feel that the friendship of men are more trustable and their bonds are stronger which can never be broken. This is the reason why man are always a bit higher on the list of friendship as compared by women.
The following facts will help us prove the same theory that men are more easy going and don't indulge in back-bitching.
1. They give space to their buddies
They don't fight over petty things and readily understand when their friend does not want to share something with them.
2. They follow the Forgive and Forget policy in friendship
They don't hold onto their past and tend to forgive their pals because for them friendship and friends come first.
3. They don't believe in keeping secrets from each other
They confront each other and this leads to their long term friendship because they know they can trust each other with their secrets.
4. Men don't get jealous easily
Little things like someone's hair, clothes or bags don't matter to them.
5. Nothing remains at the NORMAL level for them
They do crazy things together and are ever ready to cover up for each other. Going out with friends and eating their favorite chicken are a must for them.
6. Men never ditch their friends
If their friend is in a trouble or needs their help they are always ready to be there no matter what. There are some things that women cannot commit in friendship.
7. They don't live in fantasy
They are practical and never expect anything impossible from each other. They are always there to cheer each other up and encourage them whenever anyone of them feels low.
8. They don't back-bitch about each other
They are more open to each other and if they don't like something about the other they will tell them straight away, sometimes in jest.
9. Men don't judge people
They get along with each other easily and don't judge when a new member adds up in their group.
10. They don't feel the need to express their loyalty
They don't feel the need to express their love and loyalty to their friends because for them some things are only felt and not said. Friendship comes unconditionally for them.
11. Cases of backstabbing are less
They follow all the rules of friendship unlike women who sometimes back-stab their own friends.

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