Shocking! Watch this Dirty Drunk Party Video of Bollywood Stars

Bollywood is known for its parties. Be it Page 3 parties, success celebrations or anything else. Many wannabe stars attend these parties. Their main aim is to gain fame and get clicked for Page 3 so that they can remain in the eye of the public and filmmakers. They use such events to climb up the ladder.

This is one such shocking video that has been leaked on the net. In this video many celebrities can be seen enjoying the booze party. Not only are they drunk, but they are also seen doing all sorts of sleazy things.

The celebs that can be seen in this video are Rakhi Sawant, Kashmira Shah with boyfriend Krishna. This seems to be a really wild party. Rakhi is seen sporting a tattoo on her chest. Fashion designer Rohit Verma is seen kissing mink. It is not a cheek peck but a French one! Wild dance moves and dare bare acts seem to be the theme of this bash of Bollywood.

See for yourself and go the wild way!

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