5 qualities Women looks for in a Man

Women are said to love the men with certain type of qualities. Why shouldn't they because some qualities are never replaceable they say why it separates men from boys. Their are certain type of boys who are never apologetic but it does make them cool. Here are some of the best five qualities a man should posses to impress a girl.

1. Mystery

sonam kapoor

Women love the men who are mysterious and dark. It just makes them know that they hide million of stories in them. That what makes this men interesting and so on be the wanted on the list of qualities.

2. Humor

aaliya bhatt

Funny guys are most popular in college. You might know the reason because the girls love funny boys this means they become quite popular among both boys and girls. So do have good lines in Pocket.

3. Confidence


Well this quality which makes the girls go love the boy. Girls love to be with men who look confident and can handle any situation.

4. Spontaneous


Most men have nothing to say after the initial phase of relationship passes on. Well girls love the boys who can have enough excitement in their life to make them go for it.

5. Being Articulate


Being able to talk freely among unknown people will make her have hots for you. If you love to talk it is one quality women love but don't be poking continuously.
Women are always and will be a mysterious creature but you never know how this quality might help you.

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