OMG! Earthquake with 7.5 Magnitude, Rocks Afghanistan India and Pakistan

Earthquake in Afghanistan


In a recent shocking update it is confirmed that a 7.5 Richter magnitude earthquake has hit India, Pakistan and Afghanistan i.e. the south Asia region.

A few months ago entire Nepal was shook by a massive earthquake that had caused lots of casualties. This is the first incident after the Nepal one. Sources claim that there have been 13 deaths in Pakistan. The center of this quake is said to be in Afghanistan in the Hindu Kush mountain range. Pakistani army has been put on high alert.

The magnitude of this earthquake tells us that it is a very strong as far as its degree is concerned. While in terms of damage caused it is being said that it is moderate in nature.

As far as India is concerned, tremors were felt in Gujarat's Surat and Bharuch. Parts of north India like the NCR region were also affected due to the tremors. Delhi's metro service came to a standstill after the quake. It is said to have been restored now. Tremors were also felt in Srinagar, Shimla and Chandigarh.

The Himalayan mountain range is said to be very susceptible to earthquakes due to the platonic movements underground. Therefore, the whole south Asian region comes under a prone one.

We will get to know about the exact damage caused by this quake after some time once the reports confirm. Let's hope that damages in terms of property and lives is not much and people in these regions are safe.       

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