WTF! Watch Hot Model Changing Saree in Public

Hot Model Changing saree

It is really surprising to see how these celebrities are able to do such dare bare acts in the public view. May be they get used to doing it in real life just as they do it in films.


This hot sultry model is draping a saree in front of everyone and is quite comfortable with it. It is a golden and green saree that is looking good on her. The model has a wheatish complexion and resembles actress and item girl Koena Mitra in terms of looks.


Her dressers are helping her dress the saree. The outfit is very revealing and it is basically a two piece that includes a skirt and a choli. Later on she can be seen walking the ramp wearing the same saree.


Eyes of the people who were watching her must have popped out of their sockets after seeing such a scene. People are used to seeing wardrobe malfunctions many times; but this is a bit too much to watch.


Such incidents are resulting in changing the mindset of the people at large. Vulgarity has become an issue today. With the emergence of social media, such things get circulated very fast. They can reach to thousands of people in a matter of minutes. Therefore such things need to be done in an elegant manner and in such a way that they wont appear vulgar.


Beauty does not lie in revealing, it lies in what is hidden.