Mark Zuckerberg to Crush Candy Crush Invites on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg who is on a visit to India to lecture for a townhall meeting with IIT Delhi students has promised Facebook users the much needed freedom from the annoying candy crush invites that they receive. Anybody who uses Facebook knows how irritating the invites to play Candy Crush and many more games of the similar kind actually prove to be.

It is in fact ranked for being among one of the most annoying things in the world. Yet, there is very little a normal customer can do to absolutely quit these encourages. Though Facebook's present configurations allow one to closed out all activity programs, it also indicates not being able to use a variety of other factors.

As of now, customers can turn off the notification by going to their notification menu and simply clicking 'x' next to the Candy Crush symbol when they get a demand. However, this only hinders the notices and their buddies can still deliver the encourages to perform the experience.
In respond to a query, Zuckerberg, on a trip to India to deal with a townhall conference with IIT Delhi students, said: "We will work on a solution to stop getting Candy Crush requests."

This isn't the only modify that has been declared by Facebook lately. Last 30 days, Facebook had come up with 'reaction emoji' in position of much required 'Dislike Key.' The emoji are still being examined in some marketplaces and predicted to roll out worldwide soon.

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