5 Signs That Will Help You Decode a Woman's Body Language

Do you know that you can know about a girl's real intentions even before she speaks about it to you. The only thing is that you should know how to decode her body language which in fact is really easy to read . Her non-verbal cues will be easier for you to read once you know the basics.
We got you a list of 8 signs which will help you know what exactly a girl is thinking so that you know how to approach her. Read on.
1. Moves on spotting you


If she does this it means that she is avoiding you for some reason or the other. To deal with this situation you should not approach her in a suggestive and a clear manner.

2. Avoiding eye contact

eye contact

This is a sign that the girl is not comfortable and the moment you approach her she avoids eye contact. To deal with this situation try to start your conversation with a joke which will show her that you are friendly and mean no harm to her.
3. Touching


This is a positive sign. If she touches you back right after you have touched her it means that she is interested in you and is comfortable being around you.

4. Looking at your eyes and mouth directly


If a girl uses the triangular gazing method on you like looking at your left eye first followed by the right eye and then she looks at your mouth it is a telltale sign that she wants to be kissed.

5. Leaning Forward excessively


If a woman is leaning forward excessively while conversing with you it means that she is interested in you at the sexual level as well. You should use the eye dominance method and stare at her. If she ignores it leave it there but if she asks you “What”, you should take it to the next level.

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