What Girls love on first date?

Imagine your first date. Yup,you what it perfect. This will help you to  carry forward your relationship but do you know the things you should never do on your first date. Most men are confused as how the girl would react? or what would offend her what she would like?. Which kind of date it should be?. Most men look for clues on first date but what are the things you should not do on your first date?

1. No Kiss
This will help you in India when the girls are mostly reserved. This will help you to carry forward as what we call it as a good boy tag.
2. Finger's shouldn't touch their nose
This will definitely tell them that you are pretty nervous. So never touch even your face in front of them. 
3. Side hug Only
Well most Indian Girls are reserved so you won't want them to get uncomfortable. This will make them feel happy about your first date.
4. No selfie
This has been the biggest surprise when it comes to modern women. Girls love to take selfie but they never  want to on their first date.
5. Never fake an accent
If have an Indian accent use it but never fake it. Never try to be over cool with your accent when it comes to girls.
6. No stink
Never over apply perfume this will make her sneeze. Try to be natural when it come to body language.
So do apply this rules in your life and become the man for her.

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