OMG!! Couples are Actually Making Out in Bigg Boss 9!

Bigg Boss seems to be the synonym of courting controversies and the moment you catch celebrities do something which you have never expected them to do it becomes a news. In the past seasons of Bigg Boss there are many instances of people falling in love with each other in the house and they have never been ashamed of showing their affection towards each other even in front of 80 cameras.

Like all the past seasons this season of the reality show is no different. Given the fact that there are two couples entering the show together makes it even more interesting and controversial. We often think about how can two people stay away from each other for so long if they are so badly in love with each other. But looks like Suyyash Rai-Kishwer Merchant and Keith Sequiera-Rochelle Rao are least worried about the cameras surrounding them.
The video and pictures of Suyyash Rai and Keith Sequiera reveal that they cannot keep their hands off of their respective partners. They are seen getting cozy with their lovers. Suyyash is seen cuddling to Kishwer and kissing her under the blanket where as Keith seems a little more careless and does not feel the need to kiss Rochelle under the blanket.
Well if the pictures reveal everything we don't feel the need to say anything because a picture speaks thousand words. Audience are waiting for many such cozy moments of the Bigg Boss house inmates and we will bring to you all the news related to it. Look at the pictures and enjoy the video till then.

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