Man's Miraculous Escape Even After Iron Roads Pierced In His Neck

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God is the creator of the whole world and the ones who are saved by the Almighty can never die without His consent. The Hindi proverb, “Jaako Raakhe Saaiyan Maar Sake Na Koi” just got an exemplary example for a man named Hamar Singh Rajput as he miraculously cheated death even when two iron rods pierced through his neck and injured him really bad.
Hamar Singh Rajput had reportedly met with an accident when he was riding his bike. Accidentally his bike rammed into a truck which was carrying heavy duty construction material and two iron rods went directly through his neck. But as it is said that life does not end until and unless it is time to leave the world, Hamar Singh Rajput was in pain but he still fought death. An eyewitness said that the man was in so much pain that the chances of his survival seemed next to impossible.
Dr. Manish Chhaparwal who performed the surgery upon Rajput told that the impact of the crash was so severe that the iron rods had rammed through his neck and came out from his back. The doctor also said that the reason for his survival was the fact that iron rods had not cut through any of his major veins or artery.
Fortunately with the doctor's capability and the blessings of the God, Rajput survived such a life-threatening injury. He is said to have gained his senses back right after the surgery. Such incidents prove that along with science miracles too happen.

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