5 Problems all teenage girl face

When it comes to girls they are always pretty complex and when it comes to teenage girls they are complex as well as tricky to deal with. Most of the teenage girls have a common habit where they are overly conscious about their looks and how they would react when they pimples growing. Parents of teenage girls have always be ready for such kind of situations. Here are some problems every teenage girl faces.

1. Appearance
If you look good then you have to be continuously good. Girls in their teenage have to be obsessed by their looks. Most of them take hours to get ready, the only reason make up takes time.

2. Love
Teenage girls have more affairs than anyone. Why shouldn't they have, teenage girls need some spice in their life. They fall over and over again till they are ready to be a women.

3. Stalking
You stalk and then you are stalked. We all have done that in our teenage days when we had crush on some beautiful girl or boy and we used to get all nervous, when they used to come near us.

4. Get in Bed
You have problem when it comes to relationship but it also have some demands when it comes to being in relationship. You have to get physical with your partner to make things happen.

5.  Nightmare
Some of them have some amazing nightmares when it comes to dreams, they have a nightmare where they get separated from their BFF. 

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