Shocking: Maasai Men Steal Lion's Food Without a Fight

Anybody can imagine what will happen if there is a fight between a man and a lion. And when a man tries to scare the lions away without putting up a fight, the scene will surely turn scary and we all know that the man will be dead in no time, right? Wrong. We have come across a video on the internet where 3 Maasai men scare a group of lions and steal their food away without using a gun or any other arms.
The video starts with a group of lions who are busy feasting on an animal which they have hunted down. 3 Maasai men with a bow and arrows in their hands are also shown watching the lions eating their food. The Maasai men stay there against 1500 lions but if they act as one they are said to even intimidate the lions. After a few minutes the men finally make their move towards the group of lions with a bow and an arrow ready in their hands.
As they say, self-confidence is everything and the men seem to have a lot of it in them. They move forward without being scared about the lions for the ultimate face-off. Suddenly the lions back-off and hide behind the bushes. The men have just few minutes before the lions realize that it was a bluff. In these few minutes they cut a large chunk of the hunted animal flesh and make a hasty retreat from that place.
The video is truly amazing so do watch it and see what happens with just a little self-confidence.

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