OMG! Video of Girls Talking About Sexiest Body Part in a Man

Few girls are asked this interesting question to which they reply promptly. The question is, which body part in a man is a turn on for you? Girls have their own choices.

Some girls in the video say that they find a man's jaw line very sexy. Few of them like the chest. Some love it the hairy way while others prefer a waxed one. Eyes of a guy also seem to be a favorite amongst the female gender.

Biceps, broad shoulders are also loved by some of the girls. One girl also said it to be a beard. Innovative answers isn't it? According to this particular girl, a beard makes a man look more masculine and intense. 

Now a days girls are very open and frank about their opinions on anything. Right from current affairs to topics like these which could be called as secretive ones a few years ago. The trend of going the metro-sexual way is increasing amongst the guys. Even guys these days go for grooming sessions at salons.

They do not feel shy about getting done a manicure or pedicure. Having a moustache, was earlier considered to be a sign of manliness. But now a days the trend has changed and guys go for a clean shaven look as well. Sporting a well kept stubble is an in thing these days.

The definition of fashion has changed these days both in case of men as well as women.

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