Shocking! B-Grade Films Starring Bollywood Superstars

B-Grade actors and actresses turning to main stream Bollywood films, might have happened. But can you imagine a vice verca situation happening? It has actually happened. Here are some of the Bollywood superstars who have acted in a B-Grade film. Reasons best known to them.

1. Mamta Kulkarni:

mamta kulkarni

She did a sleazy role in a film titled “Divine Temple Khajuraho”. In mainstream films as well, she was known to do bold scenes and roles. So no surprise in this case.

2. Isha Kopikkar:

isha koppikar

Haseena was a B-Grade film that had a cast of Isha Kopikkar, Raj Babbar etc. Films like Girlfriend are also there to her credit. This was an ' A' grade adult film and also had Amrita Arora in it.

3. Rajesh Khanna:

rajesh khanna

This came to be a big surprise for the audience. This one time superstar acted in a B-grade film by the name Wafa. Rajesh Khanna was seen doing many bold scenes in the film. It was criticized by the audience and the critics as well.

4. Archana Puran Singh:


She is now popular as a celebrity judge of comedy shows. Once upon a time in the 90's she was seen in many B-grade films as a heroine. The ladder to success?

5. Shakti Kapoor:

shakti kapoor

The popular and dreaded villain from mainstream Bollywood films, was a part of a number of those kind of films. One role that came into limelight was Chuttiya in the film Gunda! But he even received fame for his roles as a villain and a comedian in 'A' grade cinema.

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