10 Tips for Chatting With a Girl

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Nothing can get a women more hooked up to a man than a great talker or the man who can always find interesting topic to chat on.  Women love men those who can make them laugh or make them feel wanted but they do like a man who can talk well out of his way and make her happy. The conversation shouldn't be too much flirting or much on knowledge. Here are some best tips to impress a girl with your conversation.
1. Type in Full Sentences
This will make her understand that what you are made up of really as a man.
2.   Use Punctuations
This will make her feel that you have better command on what you write.
3. Make Sense
Well it's important to make her feel that you are knowledgeable enough to make sense. 
4. Don't Be desperate
This will definitely help you to understand her is she interested in you. 
5. Be Cool
Never let her know that chatting with her is an big deal for you. It will make you look cooler.
6. Use Humor
Use it in conversations but not in other things like you want to convey an Idea or something.
7. Don't Be sentimental
This will make her run away try to be cool it will her understand you better.
8. Don't ever tell her that you are looking for a girlfriend
9.  Ask her with confidence what you want to know about her, this will show you how confident you are.
10. Don't use too much lol this will make her feel lol for you.

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