World's Best Smoking Arts

Smoking is a quite an addiction for most of the people. They burn something and then they breathe in the smoke coming out of it. After which the effect of smoke happens on your body and brain making you go for more smoking. Smoking has been quite an addictive substance but it does have an after effect on you.  Cigarette which has been quite a trend with most of the smokers using it as highly addictive substance which has tobacco inside. Their are other kind of smokes also which includes weed, Opium etc.  Here is the video made by the worlds best smokers which make us go lol.
1. This girl smoking in from a pipe certainly has the skill to carry forward. The girl takes the smoke out and then again in.
2. This guy has a note pad the smoke closely follow the screen pattern. Well the guy does enemy us the kind of smoke he has.
3. This guy creates a smoke cloud on this flat surface. Great art boy you have something really beautiful inside.
4.  The guy creates a water balloon of the smoke which will make us laugh our heart out. After than blew it's all up smoke.
5.  This guy smokes a smoke in Glass which all spills out in all direction making us go haywire.
6. The rings have been quite a common smoking skills but have you ever seen a person who can blow another ring from the inside of that ring. This guy will certainly amaze you.

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