Pray For People Affected by Conflict in Syria

pray for syria

The people in Syria are suffering from the conflict which has been widespread. More than 240,000 people have lost their lives and more than 1 million people have been injured ever since the conflict began more than four years ago. A few months ago internet was taken by storm when a 2 year old child was washed ashore and lay lifeless on the beach of the sea. It was said that the family was escaping the conflict the boat sank in the sea.
Families in Syria have been moved from their homes by the fighting where they are displaced in their own country or are forced to flee to neighboring countries for safety. Homes and businesses are being destroyed in the violence. As resources have become less, tensions between refugees and their host communities have risen. Changing weather conditions are also not helping the families that are living in tents or broken down homes as they are more vulnerable to it.
Many Syrian children who were going to school are not able to attend classes because they have left their communities or because their schools are damaged or occupied by displaced families. Child refugees are finding it difficult to enroll and participate in classes because they are not in their native language.
Children in  Syria also face many safety and wellness issues. They are vulnerable to malnutrition, dehydration and other diseases. Because of the Syrian health system’s decline, many have not been immunized or kept current on vaccinations. Outbreaks of measles and polio are common both in Syria and in refugee camps.
We feel that there is a need to pray for Syrian children and their families.

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