Smart Phone Saves a Man In Terrorist attack 

paris attack

It's been 2 days since gruesome Paris attack which left more than 120 people dead and almost 270 injured. The attack was brutal and on a large scale compared to the gruesomeness of the attack. The ISIS had claimed the responsibility for the attack and now France along with US officials is trying to attack the heart of ISIS.
In the view of this attack an amazing thing happened a man was saved because his phone absorbed the bullet coming. In this horrific terrorist attack a man was saved because he was talking over his phone when the attack happened outside the Soccer stadium where friendly match was being played between Germany and France.  According to him during the shower of Bullets when the guy was using his phone suddenly a bullet came and hit his phone. If the Phone would have not been their his head would have exploded.  His Samsung cell phone’s screen has been damaged due what we can say that a bullet hit his phone when he had bent down. He said that if the phone would have not been their he would have been dead. The person's name is Sylvestre who was outside an french stadium when the attack took place.
The guy was hit in his foot with a bullet and just made a scratch on his rib cage.  However the guy seem to be only lucky person while no one else seem to have survived the attack with his phone. With Maximum number of people being dead in attack outside the stadium.

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