5 Things Girl wants from her Boyfriends 

Women you love, the women you can die for, the women for whom you can kill for if anyone harms her. Women have always been an attractive attention for people. But what happens when your women gets angry and she wants you to do something special for her. Here are some beautiful tips for you to make your women happy.

1. Write a Letter

love letter

It's too cliché but it is beautiful. The girls love it when someone writes special things about them in a special letter. When this happens you have choice the reasons why you love her or write how beautiful your life has been after she entered in your life.

2. Calling her cute

cute couple

She will always remain an mystery for you but you always have a choice to make her love you. This will help you understand her better call her cute see her reaction.

3. Falling asleep Together


Carry her close to your body, caress her, make her breath near your ears this will make her fall for your beauty. This will make you love her more, falling asleep together will help you.

4. Kissing her


Do this when she least expects it. Bring her close to you look deep in her eyes, this will bond you together. Kissing her hands and chins are also good as this would show her how much you respect her.

5. Long Drive

long drive

It will help her to open upto you bring her close to you. So do try this when you have fought or meeting after long time.

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