Tiger Vs Anaconda: Who will win ?

Videos of animal fight have always been an pleasure to watch. Well who knows who is going to win or who is going to die. This video were we see an Anaconda and Tiger fighting out in the Jungle. Anaconda which always has been a kind of a slow attacker and very patient one has high point that it can attack on any point.

A boa constrictor is an extensive snake found in tropical South America. Despite the fact that the name applies to a gathering of snakes, it is frequently used to allude just to one animal groups specifically, the basic or green boa constrictor, Eunectes murinus, which is the biggest snake on the planet by weight, and the second longest. They mostly eat animals which can be easily tangled on and killed on by the snakes giant body. 
Here in this video we see a giant anaconda which has a sudden attack on Tiger which seems to come to the lake for drinking water. What is amazing that we see a giant gulp by the snake and it ponces on the snake. As it ponces on the snake it tries to kill it. The snake with it's large body tries to tangle along the body of tiger.  
The video becomes quite a part of interest for us as the fight goes on till the end and someone breathes his last breath. The snake roles in his typical style trying to kill the tiger. The fight goes on for a long time.

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