5 Sure Shot Ways to Woo any Girl!

These are a few really simple tricks up your sleeve, that you can use to woo a girl.

Impressing a girl is not an easy task by any means. It requires a lot of efforts and some brains as well. The saying “smart work is better than hard work” is applicable over here. Therefore, we bring to you some easy tricks to woo a girl at a party.

1. Cigarette Bend:


This one is the best to implement when you are accompanied by a bunch of friends and she is also there with you. What you can do is show them that you can bend a cigarette without breaking it. For this you need a 100 rupee note. Put the smoke stick inside it and then bend it. Take it out and straighten it and boast off!

2. Leg Control:

leg control

This trick is meant for an outing or an excursion. Tell your mates to stick their left side knee, shoulder, ankle, hip and cheek against the wall such that they lie perpendicular to the floor. By asking them to do so, they won't be able to lift their right leg at any cost. A magic trick for you.

3. Napkin Knot:

tie knot

A trick up your sleeve when you are at a restaurant table. Tell her that you can tie a napkin knot without leaving out one of the sides. For this you need to fold your hands before lifting the napkin. Once you lift it, pull your arms free and the napkin will have a knot.

4. Shot Glass Pick Up:


Boast that you can pick a shot glass half filled with just your palms without the use of fingers. Set the alcohol in the glass on fire and place your palm over it. Do not worry of any burns. As the fire goes out, a vacuum will be created and the glass will hold on tightly to your palm. 

5. Newspaper Opener:


Opening a bottle with a newspaper is the trick. Roll it and flatten it in half. You will now have some sharp and thick edges which you can use to open bottles just like a bottle opener.

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