Shocking! Beer Can Proves to be a WiFi Booster!

What do you do when your WiFi signal is poor at the other side of your house and you are not able to use it because of the same? Well there are plenty of solutions for it. 

We have come across a video which is quite shocking as it shows how an empty beer can will create magic when it comes to getting strong WiFi signals. Yes, it was hard for us to believe as well but what is shown in the video seems to be true as everything is done in front of the camera.

If you don't have a beer can you can always use a soda can which will be as effective as the beer can. Whatever you use we need the can to be empty so all you have to do is empty the can in a beer mug. After doing this, remove the pop top and keep it aside. Make sure the can is afterward washed out and clean. Use a sharp cutter or a pair of scissors and start cutting around the bottom of the can. Cut it properly so that the bottom of the can comes out. Now repeat the process at the top of the bottom but we don't have to take the top completely off of the can. Leave a one or two inch space while cutting the top. Now cut down the middle of the can at the opposite side of the space left uncut. Work on it a little bit until it forms a U-shape and then stick a blue tape at the top of the can. Place the opening of the can through the antenna of your router.

It works. Watch the video to better understand the technique of how a beer can will work as a WiFi booster.

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