WTF! Take a Look at This Sex in the Public Prank Video

Watch this sex in the car prank video coming from the streets of India.


This video is brought to you by Funk You and is about a prank played by these bunch of guys. Basically it is a sex in the car prank on the streets of India.

Passers by are amazed to see a red coloured Skoda car moving and shaking and sounds of moaning coming out of the car. People come to know that something of that sorts is going on in the car.

Passers by like this bicycle rider get so engrossed watching the scene that he almost bumps into the car ahead; as his attention is towards the red car. The video is funny and entertaining to watch. These guys have put on the car tape that emits a girls voice as if she is involved in the act. Sitting on the seat, the guys shake the car so that people watching from outside feel that there is something steamy going on  inside. 

The prank works out very well and the guys enacting it cannot stop laughing. While the on lookers are amused and curious. We are not used to seeing such sites at least in India. Therefore, such pranks would come out as a shocker to Indian people. 

Such pranks look a bit vulgar and might have to receive public outrage at times. Therefore, one needs to be careful and think twice before playing such a prank. Otherwise you have had it. 

Enjoy this video and have a laugh. But do not try this yourself.

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