7 Bizarre Hyper-Realistic Tattoos You Won't Believe To Be Real

Tattoos are considered as a way of expressing yourself. Many people, however, get it done out of curiosity or to prove a point to someone that they can also be a rebel. These people are also classified as the rebellious ones or the drug addicts. We got some images of tattoos that are unbelievable but completely real. Have a look at them.

1. Shot through the heart


We don't even want to find out why anybody would want to appear as if they have just been shot with multiple times that too in the chest. But we must admit that these bullet shots look real.

2. Burst buttons


This tattoo contains both sense of humour and hyper-realism as this guy's buttons are permanently undone but we wonder what will happen if most of his lost most of his belly fat.

3. Minor adjustments


This tattoo demands attention. The tattoo artist has made this one so realistic that it shows perfection as well as the efforts that went into making this one.

4. Stomach plaque


Looks like this guy loved stone plaques so much that he decided to get one realistically 'carved' into his stomach. It almost looks like you can poke your fingers through the crevices!

5. Eye see you


This tattoo though realistic screams freaky. It makes you look at it twice or may be thrice and then makes you quickly look away.

6. Surgery time


Though the tattoo looks gross the skill and the realism of the tattoo makes you admire the tattoo artist.

7. Two mouths


he tattoo is just plain crazy with this guy realistically posing with two mouths. Yuck!

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