OMG! Indian Television Just Aired a Lesbian Kiss!

lesbian kiss

MTV is always known to break all records when it comes to showing something new. First it was couples getting cozy on a reality show and then there was a kiss between two girls in Splitsvilla. This time however, MTV has aired a lesbian kiss for the first time in Indian Television industry.
The show titled Big F with Gautam Gulati is always meant to push boundaries but this time they have taken it a notch higher with this one. Episode 6 of the show which is very aptly titled 'I kissed a girl' shows same sex relationship between a fashion designing student and a model.
The show itself is all about forbidden fantasies. The 6th episode consists of Sharmistha who is a fashion designing student and Madhurima who is a model by profession who is also supposed to promote Sharmistha's dresses. Along with this Sharmistha is also struggling with the fact that she is not at all attracted to men even when she has the college's stud as her best friend. Enter Madhurima who screams model with her streaked hair and pretty short dresses who is assigned to work for Sharmistha. Immediately sparks fly not just between Madhurima and Sharmistha but between Madhurima and Sharmistha's bestie as well. It takes a while when Madhurima realizes who she is really into. But when she realizes it finally, all hell breaks lose. She realizes that she loves Sharmistha and the serial ends with the model saying her 'I want you'. Like other episodes even this episode is not without its flaws.

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