Shocking Video: Three People Attacked and Tossed in Air by Bulls

The festival of San Fermin or the Running of the Bulls as it is more commonly known outside Spain takes place for the first time at 8 am on 7th July and for the last time on 14th July at the same time every year in Pamplona. Though the history of the bull running is not clear there is evidence which states that the festival has taken place from as long as 13th century.
The streets through the old town which make up the bull run are walled up so the bulls can’t escape. Each day six fighting bulls run the distance as well as two herds of bullocks. The tension begins when men in white and a red handkerchief around their neck have to run in front of the bulls.
With the drinks flowing in excess and the party in full swing you could be forgiven for forgetting that running the bulls is a dangerous activity. The same has been proven by the video which shows how the bulls gore three men at different times without showing any mercy. Not to forget the fact that the bulls are no ordinary ones but are the fighting bulls.
For this festival alone there are plenty of security guards and first aid personnel but there is still so little they can do. The festival is so dangerous that 15 people have died and more than 200 have been seriously injured since 1924.
Watch the video and comment below if you would like this festival to continue where people have to run amongst angry bulls to save their lives.

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