Jihadists Attack Luxury Radisson Hotel in Mali, Bamkao

mali attack

A luxury room in Radisson Hotel in Mali, Bamkao is allegedly under attack from jihadists. Room number 190 of the hotel in West Africa was said to have been attacked from where shooting and blasts were heard. Furthermore, security source said that even the hostage situation is underway in the hotel.
The Carlson Rezidor Group that owns the hotel are saying that two people are holding 30 employees and 140 visitors as hostage. They have said that these two people have locked the property after initiating the hostage taking.
Witnesses at the scene said that the attackers arrived at a very diplomatic vehicle and are now walking quietly around all the seven stories of the property. The jihadists are on the seventh floor and are shooting at the corridor, if the reports are to be believed. The Radisson Blu hotel is considered a major local hub for expats and tourists and it was thus a potential property to be attacked.
The group confirmed that it is aware of the fact that their property is under attack and that very early in the morning there was gunfire. Though they believe that was an attempt on keeping people hostage. The security source have added that the police force are present there and are sealing off the area. 5 people are said to have died in the attack and more than 170 people are kept as hostage.
A similar attack had shook the West African country in August, when a suspected jihadist gunman killed 13 people five of them being UN employees during a hostage siege in the central Malian town of Sevare.

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