Meet The Bachelor Who Slept Many Women for 3 Months!

This may seem like a dream come true for a lot of bachelors all around the world who are single but a man has slept with a lot of women for an entire summer. There is a piece of advise for all the bachelors from the man himself. Read on to find out about it.

1. Be safe no matter how hard it may be


It's always good to be safe than sorry. Some of the biggest shocks for the guy was when he wanted to have safe sex and the girl insisted on having it otherwise. Though the girl may give you plenty of reasons like she may be having her period or that she has been tested, never give in to the fantasy.

2. It's a necessity


The guy thinks that everyone should use the dating method at one point in their life. Through the act of going out with dozens of girls and sleeping with them he came to know which qualities he was actually looking for in a partner, their traits, their sex drives, their hobbies and even their personality.

3. Breaking up is hard

break up

Some people get too wrapped up in people so it is advisable that you do not feel too deeply for people in casual flings. Because it may lead to a painful and an awkward breakup. Some people are so deeply hurt that they tend to curse you in public or are bound to take revenge so beware and make it clear that things between you are casual and not serious.

4. Personal time is glorious


After a summer full of waking up with random girls and at the other part of the town made the man miss his empty home and personal time. So value the time that you get to spend alone.

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