Should Kissing and Hugging in Public be Legalized?

Indian society is fine with unzipping their pants and peeing in public but the moment they see a couple or even friends from the opposite gender hugging each other they went into a jiffy. They are made to feel ashamed for expressing their love for each other in public. A lot of people in the society think that public display of affection is against the Indian culture and it should not be legalized.

A group set out to find the answer about the same of what the youth of Delhi as well as the senior citizens have to say about PDAs and the answers are as expected with the youngsters rooting for the step to be legal and the elders asking to ban the idea. The video shows two guys asking the question to random people and the answers are backed up with reasons why they feel the need to either ban or legalize the idea.

A man gets so riled up when asked this question that he directly says people who hug and kiss in public should be beaten up for such acts as it teaches little kids and other youngsters also to do the same while they should be discouraged to do so. Elder women and men have the same thinking where as the youngsters say that as far as things don't go overboard it is fine that they hug and kiss in public. A hug and a peck does not hurt cultural values and such are the thoughts of the youth of India.

Watch the video and leave your comments about what you think should be done in regards with PDAs.

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