6 Foods You Should Avoid Because They Kill Your Sex Drive

If your sex drive has gone missing these days it probably has got something to do with what you are eating. As you age, foods that you eat has an impact on your testosterone levels which helps determine how things are going in your sexual life. So the next time you want some action without going soft make sure you toss aside these foods that affect you sex drive.

1. Alcohol


They are not liquid courage but over indulging in some alcoholic beverages will throw off your talent into the bedroom. So when you are planning to have a fun night stick to two drinks and alternate it with water.

2. Cheese


If you love cheese it will be harder for you because it takes the spice out of your bedroom. Cheese can negatively influence estrogen and testosterone levels.

3. Mint


Yes, it helps fight bad breath when you plan to make out with your partner but the menthol found in mint has been linked to lowering testosterone levels leaving you with little to zero sex drive.

4. Processed Meat


Processed meats contain added hormones, antibiotics and preservatives which can cause hormonal imbalance in your body.

5. Popcorn


It is a date night and you have planned for a movie and a dinner but the popcorn you are going to indulge in will kill your mood later. Popcorn contains perfluorooctanoic acid which has been linked to decreasing the sex drive and causing long-term prostate problems.

6. Licorice


If you have a thing for licorice it is time that you cut it down because it is said to lower your t-levels.

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