Guys Do 7 Things That Women Find Extremely Sexy

The species of men are simple and they are not complicated like women are. However, there are simple things that men do which the women find to be incredibly sexy. So we are going to list out those things for all the ladies to agree and for the men to keep doing this. Read on.

1. Rolling their shirt's sleeves


When men roll up their sleeves often women skip a heart beat and if they have done it to do some task like lifting up something heavy, women may just swoon at this sight.

2. Playing with kids


When women play with kids it's cute but when men do the same, it's intolerably sexy. The fact that he can be a kid with the kids shows that he has a kind nature and if the kid seems to love him back, he gets a brownie point.

3. The satisfaction smirk


When men get that half smirk of satisfaction when they feel their work is done and dusted, women are just not able to resist the oozing sexiness of that guy.

4. Confidence


A single confident man is better than 12 nervous people in the room. The confident attitude screams sexy for a lot of women.

5. Voice


The guy with a husky or deep voice has already got a lot of women who simply love to hear him talk and when he wakes up from his sleep where his voice is groggy, it is very very sexy.

6. The way they smell


Only if they don't stink. Women remember smells better and they tend to find the guy who smells good to be attractive.

7. When they listen


Listening when your woman talks will make a man uber sexy in her eyes. Even if they don't understand what they are listening to it still shows that they care.

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