Check Out the Steamy Scene From Spectre That Was Censored!!

The Indian Censor Board had reportedly cut four scenes from the Hollywood movie Spectre before giving it a U/A certificate. Indian fans of the 007 agent were in for a disappointment as the news of the scenes being censored by the CBFC was out. Since then #SanskariJamesBond has been trending on various social media websites.
The reason for censoring the scenes were because they used profanity but before you let your wild imagination run too far we would like to say that these 'profane' scenes were mere kissing scenes between actor Daniel Craig and leading actresses Monica Belluci and Lea Seydoux.
With all the uprising argument to apparently censor the kissing scenes from the latest sequel to the James Bond series, Spectre, the Indian censor board once again shows a intensely regressive attitude. Here is one such scene the Indian censor board considered too precise to be ignored. Prejudice? You be the judge of that. After all, there has already been a lot of heavy lip action from Bollywood films that made the cut in the theaters.
Hrithik and Aishwarya can do it in Dhoom 2, Ranbir and Anushka can do it too but not James Bond because it makes things so unethical. According to the censor board Bond has the license to kill but not to kiss. Watch the scene here which the board found objectionable and which did not make a cut in the Indian cinema houses.

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