5 Bizzare Reasons Why Indian Society Wants To Get You Married

Indian society is so friendly and caring towards each other that even if they don't know you enough they will be concerned about your future, about your marriage. Yes, it is irritating to say the truth but if you have been brought up in a typical Indian household you may have gained a lot of patience and a few comeback answers ready for such people.
The moment you graduate from college, the one constant question that will haunt you since then is 'beta, when are you planning to get married'. Moreover if you ask them why you need to get married in the first place and why is it so important to get married as soon as possible, you will get at least 2-3 answers which will be absolutely ridiculous. Lets see 5 best replies you get as the reason to get married as soon as possible.

1. The neighbors


The most stupid reason your parents will give you is that the neighbors are asking about your marriage. What do neighbors even have to do with your marriage?

2. The guy is rich


Though he might not have a job of his own and might be living on his family's income, a girl is asked to marry this guy because he is rich and will keep her happy.

3. The Age


Girls are often asked to get married before they 'cross the age' else it will be difficult to find a suitable guy for them. Seriously, who set the age for marriage again. Oh yes, society!

4. Children


Along with being concerned about crossing the age women are also asked to get married at the earliest because if they get married late, they won't be able to bear children. Who knew every parent in the Indian household had a doctor in them.

5. Log Kya Kahenge


The national concern of every parent for their children not getting married is 'Log kya kahenge'. They fail to understand that whether they get married or not, 'kuch toh log kahenge', always.

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