Indian Girl Refuses to Date an Indian Guy: Watch His Revenge

Racism has become a part of everybody's life these days. With the rising incidents where people are attacked and face racism, what happens when our own fellow country men do the same with us.
You will find plenty of people who say they are against racism but when they refuse to touch their maid's son or daughter because they are ugly and lower in status is when your true self emerges. Racism is a bane because of which many people are struggling to make their place in the society.
We have come across a video where a boy teaches a pretty good lesson to an Indian girl who refuses to date his friend, citing the reason that he is an Indian! It happens so that the guy who belongs to India opens up an account on a dating site and asks a girl out on a date. The girl who also happens to be from the same country rejects his proposal telling him directly that she will not date him because he is an Indian.
When his friend learns of this he immediately opens an account on that same dating site and asks the same girl out on a date and because the guy is not an Indian she readily accepts the date. She is even ready to meet the guy in an hour after being asked out. When the girl arrives at the decided place she seems happy to meet the guy in person and looks excited about the date.
The guy who just wants to take a revenge on her asks her which country she belongs to. The minute she says she is from India the guy leaves her alone on the street saying sorry and that he doesn't date Indian girls.
Well the reaction of the girl over this is epic and to see that you must watch this video. Enjoy the video and leave your comments.