Foreign Journalist Causes New Twitter Trend #ModiMediaGate


A foreign journalist, Annie Gowen, who works as a staff writer for Washington Post caused huge embarrassment for Prime Minister Narendra Modi by her tweet where she informed that private PR companies had approached them twice saying that they represent the Indian Government.
Modi’s critics have been quick to understand it as the government’s make an effort to ‘manipulate’ the worldwide press. The centre’s BJP govt has always been charged of dictating article choices of Indian press through various means such as appealing them with financial benefits. This has led to serious loss of reliability for press in India.
Twitter customers suspicious that Gowen’s outstanding exposure is a signal that the govt is now using similar techniques against worldwide press too.
Foreign press has been very crucial of Modi’s style of functioning and his efficiency recently. Big worldwide information manufacturers such as California Publish, New York Times and Guardian have taken several articles and editorials negative to PM Modi.
As predicted tweets has been humming with discussion on Gowen’s exposure with customers dubbing this as Modi Media Gate. The hashtag #ModiMediaGate has been a top trend since Saturday morning.
People have been criticizing the Modi even going as far as alleging him to bribing the media which is nothing short of national disgrace. While many people are saying that the government's biggest concern is media welfare and not public welfare. While there are also supporters of the government who are saying that the foreign media is attempting to spread intolerant ideas against our selfless PM.

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