Relationship Without Sex: Is It Okay To Have One?


Though sex is an important part of a relationship it is not always necessary to be physical if you are with the person you love. Believe it or not there more to a relationship than sex, shocking, right? Yes, because of the trends of one night stands and erotica we have lost the real point of a relationship – which is to spend time with the person you are attracted to in more different ways.
Though you can have sex with anyone but it is the pots-sex equation that you don't want with everyone. Sometimes all you want to do is hangout with your partner, eat stale pizza and watch re-runs of your favorite sitcom because in the end you are thinking about growing old with that person, even if you don't say it out aloud.
There are couples who have been together for as long as you can think and love sleeping together, but without having sex. Yes, there are couples even today who are full of mush who love to cook for each other and lying curled up together saying sweet nothings to each other. When asked how these people never lost control, one of them said that their relationship was of cosmic connection and that their love is not limited only till the act of just having sex.
So when you meet someone, with whom you want to grow old with, reading for each other, eating stale pizza together, watching your favorite sitcoms while being curled up in the bed and without 'just having sex' you have an innocent relationship and it is okay to be in it without having sex.

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