Family Insults National Anthem, Thrown Out Of The Theater!

A video has emerged showing a family of four being asked to leave the theater because they did not stand during national anthem. The video is going viral on various social media sites and it is trending fast in Twitter.

The video which was posted on Facebook has been shared over 2,500 times and has gone viral on both YouTube and Twitter shows that people present in the theater were asking a family to leave because they were sitting while the national anthem was being played.

Some people say that the incident took place in a PVR cinema hall in Kurla, Mumbai while some said that it took place in PVR, Bengaluru.

The man initially refused to stand up during the national anthem but later when he was confronted he said that he did not stand because he had a knee problem. A woman is trying to pacify the agitated crowd even as the man is seen arguing with the rest of the audience.

A man who was questioning the man for his insulting act was heard saying that 'you are staying in India and when the national anthem is being played you say that you will not stand up?' The man was sitting in front of the family. Another man was heard saying that the family should leave the theater. There was also someone from the crowd who said that they are asking him to politely leave the theater.

The man finally leaves the cinema hall when an official of the theater intervenes and the crowd is seen cheering and applauding as they leave the theater. The movie did not start till the family left the hall.

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