Unbelievably True Video: Bromance Between a Tiger and a Goat

You never know when your friend turns out to be your foe and the person who you are always busy hating and cussing may just be the one who will help you in a difficult situation. There are many incidents in life where you may think that this friendship will never blossom because they belong to two different groups or ideas.

Well miracles do happen and mother nature has got enough proofs of it. We have come across a video where a predator is seen having a strong friendship with his prey.  Yes, we are talking about animals. A tiger is shown to have befriended a goat, which was given to him as his lunch. People who say a tiger cannot be friends with a goat should definitely watch this video because this video proves that the theory is wrong all along.

In the video a rare Amur tiger is seen roaming around in its enclosure with the goat right behind him in every step of the way. The goat even takes away the shed which is meant for the tiger to rest. The goat was given to the tiger as a live food but ever since their friendship he has been named Timur by the people of Primorski Safari Park in Russia.

So if you are waiting to watch something interesting it is the bromance of this tiger and the goat which will leave you surprised and speechless. Watch the video and leave your comments below about what you think of their friendship.

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