Top 5 sexy Women in the World

Women have always been the best when it come to oozing sexiness and elegance. Here are some of the most sexiest women on earth to be alive. With each of them having her own elegance to look and class to carry forward. Here is the look of the worlds top most sexiest ladies. 

1. Emma Watson

emma watson

The small Harry Potter girl has now become one of the most famous celebrity her recent photos where his hot boyfriend was seen with her. She does have a great chip on her shoulder.

2. Megan Fox

megan fox

The Tom Boy look in Transformers have made her one the famous choice for directors but what defined her was the movie “Jennifer’s Body”. The movie was one the path breaking in her small career launching her as one of the sexiest actress.

3. Taylor Swift

taylor swift

Her voice does look to mesmerize us but what makes us want more of her was the singers amazing skill of her elegant beauty.  She does one that looks to catch our eyes with her simple beauty.

4. Scarlett Johanson

scarlett johnson

The Black women will ask which will be our last wish before we see her. She has been the one who will surely impress us on screen with her amazing skill to kill and still look damn beautiful every time.

5. Emma Stone

emma stone

The girl with beauty and brains has questioned our society which say why people can't be impressive with their brains also. We also have some reason to love her for the way she stood beside spider man. 

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