5 Qualities To look in Girl, She is into You

Girls have always been mysterious when it comes reading what she really means to tell you. She might like you, she might just want to be close to you but she will never say it with her words. You need to understand the little signs of her to understand her. Here are some tips which might help you to understand her better.


1. When two people are attracted to each other their friends know it before they would even notice it. If she plays along even when some friends tease her with your name then you have a great chance with her to go ahead.

2. When ever you go out in group you suddenly notice that she is always by your side. She will love your company. So next time you go out with group of friends you can ceratinly notice that she will always be beside you.


3. It takes nothing to make her blush when you are around. Just a compliment or a simple smile can do all the Job for you. So next time you are with her motice her face what she looks when you are complmenting her.
4. She is always teasing you with names of other girls but she wants to know the type of girls you like and if she fits in then she might be in constant stage of denyability.


5. She maintains an eye contact when she is talking to you. She is in constant state of looking what you see whether you check out other girls or no.  

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