Mark Zuckerberg: A letter and $ 45 Billion 

Maxima Zukerberg

Mr Mark Zuckerberg the co-founder and CEO of social media site Facebook has all the reasons to celebrate because he has bady girl to welcome in his family. Mark celebrated the occaision with donating more than $ 45 Billion or we can say that almost 99 percent of his shares for social purpose.  Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg also wrote saying that they want to do something for this world and they are willing to contribute in everyway possible. On the occasion of this Zuckerberg also wrote a letter to his daughter.

The Girl has been named as Max here is the letter written “You don't that how much hope you have given us your mom and dad. Your new life is full of promises, we also hope that you live your life with full health so you can explore this world.We want you too grow up in world which is better than ours. Though our media never focuses on the issue that our world is improving. Poverty is shrinking, Schools are being constructed, People are living more. We will do this for you and also for other childrens as we have a moral responsibility for the next generation. We also believe that all people in the world should get equal responsibility of free speech and living. ”

I think Mark has become a kind of mentor for many people in the world who tell that girls are always kind of burden for the family. Hope that the little girl has a fulfilled life. 

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