6 Behaviors: She is Flirting with You

Girls have always been the mystery ones and when you are trying to understand them you are always pretty much confused. So here are some tips we have for you when you want to understand the girl you like whether she is flirting with you or just trying to be friends. So have look at this details which will help you with such situations.

1. She always keeps looking at you no matter where you are looking she will look deep into your eyes and make you blush with that look.


2. She stalks you on Facebook has definitely got no reason to hide it. She will look into your photos and like the photos which are almost a year old.
3. When you both are chatting she never uses monosyllabic sentences there is always an emoticon in the sentence. The Blush ones the winked ones will help her.


4. She Finds everything about you funny and she will never hide it. She will let you know how funny you are and laugh out the loudest when you crack a joke.
5. She will always lean forward when she is talking to you. You will always have the great chance when she intentionally touches you to get your attention.


6. She will always find an excuse to talk to you. You always have chance when you see her you talk to her. Whether it's what happened in the morning or which movie she watched last night.
If you find some of these in a girl you have chance with her.

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