California Shooting Both Suspects Killled

california shooting

Shooting and Killing of people  have been quite common in America with no gun control law. The government of America has been tied down to control the guns flowing in and out of the hands. The recent shooting at San Bernardino, California which has led more than dozen injured and so far 14 people have killed. The Heavily armed team was said to have terrorized the whole city on Wednesday. The Shooting was said to have taken place in service center and after which the accused escaped the center.
 A massive Manhunt was under way after which the shooters were caught in gunfire in which two of them are dead and the third was under custody. Their were total chaos on the streets due to the shooting started many people had said to closed their office doors. The whole region was an initial lock down where most of the Highways where closed at that time.
The Shooting began in around 11 a.m at Inland Regional Center. The center was mostly their to help disabled people, it was inside the building that was used by the countries health department for the Holiday Party. While Gunshots where heard in all the regions many people just covered themselves and his themselves.  Chief Jarrod Burguan of the  San Bernardino police said that most of the victims are from one part of the building and the attackers have been said to left an explosive device in the Building. US President Barack Obama in a press conference said that we need a law for gun control.

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