What is Focus Floods or PM Modi's Photo ?


Indian PM who has been the in the scenes of many controversy has recently got in the other one. The official press release of Government of India Press Information Bureau of India has shown the image of Narendra Modi which showed him seeing through a window where the whole city is been flooded. In the Photo posted on the website has the photo of PM seeing through a window where he sees a high building being Flooded. The High clarity image was kind of new but the real image was bit blurred and the view included fields. It was kind of new for many people that even PIB is Photoshop.

The Photoshopped image showed the image in High Clarity. The Prime Minister made an elevated study of the surge hit regions of Chennai, its rural areas and Kanchipuram and Tiruvallur locale. He touched base from Delhi at maritime working station INS Rajali in Arakkonam, around 60 km from Chennai.In the photo, houses and water were allegedly seen plainly which Twitterati felt couldn't be conceivable amid an elevated review.

Not long after inquiries were raised about the credibility of the photo, PIB took it off from its website.When reached, PIB authorities did not deny the goof up. The Prime Minister reported a prompt arrival of Rs 1,000 crore for alleviation and restoration works in Tamilnadu. People took on twitter to say that the photoshopped and not real. The reality is quite different. We hope that this gets impacted to soon with floods should be main priority. 

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